The Beer Professor

Let’s get this IPA party started

The popularity of India Pale Ales (IPAs) over the past few years has been rather remarkable, moving from a craft beer appealing mainly to a niche audience into the mainstream, where it is easily found on tap at every bar and...

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Whiskey in the jar

A new trend in the craft beer world is barrel-aged brews. The idea behind this practice is allowing beer to age in wooden barrels — often ones that had previously held spirits, which results in a smoother taste. Some of the...

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Tampa beers for the big game

For those of you lucky enough to head to Florida for the College Football National Championship game, I’ve got good news: Tampa is an unexpectedly great beer town. I was recently in the Tampa-St. Pete area and was pleasantly...

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Brews and bowl games

Holiday season is also the climax of football season, and as we get ready for all the bowls and playoffs, there are a number of great local sports bars to watch the games and enjoy some good beer. With so many local universities...

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Holiday growling

As holiday party time approaches, consider arriving with something more creative than the standard six-pack or bottle of wine, such as a local microbrew, a regional favorite or perhaps something no one has heard of before. One...

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Abita getaway

For many of us on the Gulf Coast, Abita was the original craft beer, long before Alabama laws were...

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