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Now in its fifth year running, Mobile Tiki Week returns next week with a full schedule of downtown festivities for fans of Polynesian pop. This year, the community-wide celebration will include 14 venues offering tropical drinks, food and activities.

The Haberdasher’s general manager, Roy Clark, launched a one-venue version of the tiki party back in 2013. Clark expanded the event in fits and starts after that, eventually growing it into the festival it is today. Clark, a tiki expert, has attended tiki conferences and mixed up tropical libations across the country, and he’s the cohost of a local tiki-centric podcast, “Sea Stories from the Coast Watchers Club,” which we’ve covered in this column previously. In fact, this week’s podcast features your favorite local beverage columnist (me) as a guest, comparing the cultural forces that led to the original and modern tiki movements. Stream it wherever you get your podcasts.


Alyson Sheppard is Lagniappe’s copy editor and beverage columnist. She was a Lagniappe intern in 2007. Alyson’s work has appeared in publications including Playboy, Esquire and GQ, and she has been recognized by the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards, the Alabama Press Association Awards and the Green Eyeshade Awards, among others.

She grew up in Foley and now lives in Midtown Mobile with her boyfriend, Gabriel, and their daughter, Flora.

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