President-elect Donald Trump returns to Mobile


Bryan Harsin was one of the most disappointing head coaches in the history of the Auburn football program, rivaling only Doug Barfield in recent memory in terms of disappointment.

When the university’s brass pulled the trigger, deciding to let him go, what if Harsin’s parting shot had been, “I would have done a lot better as the head coach at Auburn University if it weren’t for Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa 150 miles away getting all of the good recruits and positive accolades!”

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Jeff Poor is the host of "The Jeff Poor Show" on FM Talk 106.5 and the executive editor of 1819 News. He is also a contributor to Breitbart News. Jeff grew up in Birmingham and has reported in all 67 counties in Alabama. He received his Building

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Some of what Jeff writes is true Republicans are heaping way too much blame on Trump although he bears a smidgeon of blame for continuing to endorse lame candidates that only gain favor by agreeing he was robbed. The real blame lies with the party who continues to send weak candidates who’s only purpose appears to be securing re-election funds for a group who offer no real concrete plans to move the country forward .


Poor Jeff... I have never read such a word salad mess in my life... is he being paid for this...good grief

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