Halo Weather

You don’t have to be an angel to have a halo. The halo I’m talking about is the ring around the sun or moon. You may not have noticed as you go about your Earthly affairs, because you tend to not look up much. Look up, in the sky, unless you are driving. You’ll spot things that can provide a moment of Zen or wonderment that leads to stress relief or inspiration.

Just two weeks ago, a lady posted on my Facebook page that she was 42 years old and had never seen a halo until that day. She was excited. A halo is a ring in the high, thin clouds around the sun or the moon. Around the sun, it’s called a solar halo. Around the moon, it’s a lunar halo. Each halo forms when light strikes and passes through the ice crystals of a sheet of cirrus clouds. Cirrus clouds are the highest, coldest clouds. The ice crystals cause the light to bend at a specific angle, creating a ring around the sun or moon.

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Alan Sealls is Chief Meteorologist at NBC 15 in Mobile. He has more than a dozen Emmy awards, along with multiple Lagniappe Nappie awards for best meteorologist. Alan went viral on YouTube for coverage of Hurricane Irma, in 2017. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in meteorology from Cornell, and from FSU, respectively. Alan is a Past President of the National Weather Association, and a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society. He teaches weather broadcasting at the University of South Alabama, and writes the Weather Things column for Lagniappe Newspaper. Before Mobile, Alan worked in Milwaukee, and Chicago.

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